Gourmet Maestro Temperature Control System Temperature Control for COOKING/HEATING = PRECISE TEMPERATURE + ACCURATE TIME
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Gourmet Maestro-The Food Magician

Gourmet_Maestro_System_Block_Diagram_LatestGourmet Maestro is a system combination of  Software & Hardware. The hardware is called  Gourmet Maestro Temperature Controller, the heart of which is a Proportional Integral Derivative (PID) Temperature Controller connected to a  Modbus RS-485 network. The Gourmet Maestro Recipe & Control software is a Windows Software Cooking Application that runs in a User provided Personal Computer which connects to the PID controller via USB cable.  The Temperature Controller includes an RTD Temperature sensor that the user inserts in  their or our Cooker; and measures the temperature of the Cooker contents whose temperature value is fed back to the  PID Controller that accurately controls the temperature of the Cooker Contents

A chef or experimenter simply chooses a Slow Cooker, Convection Toaster Oven, Fryer, Induction Heater, Process vessel or similar appliance that has simple Manual Control (no programmable-Membrane controls) The user then drops in the stainless steel RTD (Resistance Temperature Device) to measure Food or Liquid temperature;

IMG_20130313_101910-3.5 In W


 connects the Gourmet Maestro Temperature Controller to a Computer via a USB cable and runs the Gourmet Maestro Windows Application Recipe Software.
                                                                                Temperature Controller

Our System is designed to override the inherently inexpensive and    inaccurate on/off temperature control used in these cookers and our system substitutes a Hardware PID Control Algorithm whose output is a Pulse Duration of 120 volt a/c Power that provides approximately a +- 0.5 Degree temperature control accuracy

Temperature RTD Probe


The Chef or Experimenter accesses the Gourmet Maestro’s recipes from a database of hundreds of Temperature-Time pair recipes; and then starts the cooking/heating process.  The User is also able  to 
Create New recipes or Import/export/edit/copy/save any existing recipe. The Gourmet Maestro recipe Software allows the User to add notes to individual recipes and add a photo of the recipe results. A Chef or Experimenter has the capability of conducting Ramp Soak temperature/time Experiments using either Time priority or Temperature priority Control during the Ramp/Soak profile cycles.


 Cooking Menu                                                                             Recipe under Control

Our System allows he User to Automatically Tune their Cooker or heating vessel to any temperature or to a profile of temperatures to increase the controlabiliy and accuracy of the cooking process


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